The tournament will be played under FIFA rules as modified by US Club Soccer with the following changes and additions. Tournament Headquarters will be located at the Val Vista Snack Bar Area. Any situation not covered by the following rules will be resolved by the Tournament Director, who reserves the right to alter or change these rules at any time.

Credentials: The coach, assistant coach or other designated team representative must check-in 23 August 2013 with US Club Soccer and CYSA Team Roster and Player/Coach pass. Protests: Results of all games will be final. No protests will be accepted.

Home Team: Teams listed first on the schedule are designated home team. The team with the most points shall be home team in the Championship/Consolation games. The home team will change jersey color if there is a similarity between their colors. Home team will provide the game ball.

Game Cards and Pre-Game Safety Check-In: The Field Marshals will provide the game cards. The Field Marshals will conduct the pre-game safety check-in, 30 minutes before the start of the game, at the field on which the game is to be played. The referee shall have the final decision regarding the safety of the player’s equipment.

Game Start: Games will be started within 5 minutes of scheduled time unless the Tournament Director has approved a late start. If a team has not taken the field with a minimum of 7 players within the 5-minute grace period, it will forfeit the game to the team with at least 7 players in attendance. Teams should be ready to play on time.

Length of Games: U10 - U11 (8 v 8) teams will play two 25-minute halves. U12 -U19 teams will play two 30-minute halves in the preliminary games. The U10 - U11 (8 v 8) age group will play two 30-minute halves in the Championship/Consolation games and U12 - U19 age groups will play two 35-minute halves in the Championship/Consolation games.

Substitution: US Club rules provide for unlimited substitution as follows:

  • Prior to your own team’s throw-in
  • Prior to either team’s goal kick
  • After a goal by either team
  • During injury time-out by either team (Up to Two Players)
  • At half-time by either team
  • On a yellow card caution, the cautioned player must be substituted

Ejections: Players receiving red cards will automatically be suspended from their next tournament game – at a minimum. The sendoff report will be forwarded to the Tournament Director who will review the circumstances and determine whether additional suspension will be added. Sendoff reports are forwarded to the appropriate District Commissioner for every player/coach who is sent off, whether the suspension had been completed or not. Any additional disciplinary action, over and above that assessed by the Tournament Committee.

Preliminary Game Points:

  1. 6 points for a win
  2. 3 points for a tie
  3. 0 points for a loss
  4. 1 bonus point per goal (up to 3 per game)
  5. 1 bonus point for a shutout (0-0 tie is a shutout)
  6. 8 points will be awarded to the team winning by forfeit
  7. 1 point deduction for a red card issued to a player
  8. 2 point deduction for a card issued to a coach
  9. Maximum 10 points per game
  10. Ties in preliminary games stand (no tie-breaking measures used)

Tie-Breaking for Points after Preliminary Games (in order)

  1. Head to Head competition – team that won the head to head competition between the teams that are tied will advance (should there be a tie in tournament points between three or more teams, the tie-breaking procedure begins with #B below.) 
  2. Team with fewest goals allowed advances.
  3. Team with the highest goal differential advances (goals scored by a team minus goals allowed by a team, not to exceed a differential of 4 goals in any one match)
  4. Team with most goals scored advances (not to exceed 4 goals counted for any one match)
  5. Team with fewest send-offs advances
  6. Kicks from the penalty spot as per FIFA rules.  The team with the most successful kicks advances

Tie-Breading for Championship/Consolation Games:

  • Two overtime periods (10 min. each)
  • If score is tied after overtime, kicks from penalty spots shall be taken according to FIFA rules

Game Format and Awards: All participants will receive Tournament Pin and Tournament Program. Trophies or medals will be awarded to all teams in Championship and Consolation games.

Forfeits: Any team not ready to play at the scheduled game time (7 players minimum, with coach/player passes and player equipment checked), or falling below 7 players during a game will forfeit the game. The official score will be 1-0 and 8 points will be awarded to the winner. No points will be awarded to either team if neither team is ready to play at the scheduled start time.

Termination: The referee may terminate a game (and award a forfeit), at any point and at his/her discretion if:

  • A team leaves the field during play of the game without referee approval
  • The referee sends a team from the field for frequent and/or violent misconduct
  • There is extreme sideline misconduct by any coach, player, parent or spectator that causes interruption of the play
  • Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are observed

Players Equipment; All players, parents, coaches, and referees are required to act as a reasonable person concerning player safety, including protecting players from wearing any equipment or device that is dangerous to the player wearing the equipment or device or to any other player. Dangerous equipment and devices include but are not limited to orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints. Players wearing any dangerous equipment or device including orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints, shall not be eligible to participate in any game or pre game warmup.

All players are required to use Shin Guards at all times. No Shin Guards – No Play!

Sportsmanship and Conduct: Good sportsmanship and “respectful” conduct are expected to prevail at all times. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and spectators at all times. Coaches will ensure that referees officiating their games are treated with courtesy and respect.

Medical Assistance: Any injuries shall be reported to the Tournament Director of Field Marshal so that an accident form can be completed. In the case of serious injury (player is unable to exit field without assistance), (925)931-5122 will be called if requested by the parent, coach or referee. Tournament Headquarters will be notified of medical emergencies.

Spectators: No Air Horns and/or Amplified Noise making Devises at Soccer Playing Fields.  All spectators will observe the one-yard distance from the touchline to allow assistant referees a clear view. Coaches and players are restricted to 10 yards on each side of the centerline during the game. Spectators will occupy the sideline opposite the players and coaches.

Alcoholic Beverages/Controlled Substances/Smoking: Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances are expressly prohibited at all of the field complexes. Any team (including players, coaches, parents and spectators) found violating this rule would automatically forfeit all games played or in progress, face possible expulsion from the tournament. All persons will be expected to refrain from smoking at the field sites.

Tournament Committee: The Tournament Committee shall consist of the Tournament Director, Referee Coordinator and Rage Board Members.


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